‘Spirited’ was filmed entirely in Mass. Here are all the Boston-area locations.

It may feel early, but a new film starring Will Ferrell and Ryan Reynolds is about to jump-start a season of holiday streaming.

“Spirited” is a musical modern take on “A Christmas Carol,” and it was shot entirely in Massachusetts from July through October 2021. The film follows the Ghost of Christmas Present (Ferrell) on his journey to reform the Scrooges of the world. In the film, he finds Clint Briggs (Reynolds), who ends up turning the tables on his ghostly host. This Dickens tale was directed by Sean Anders (”Daddy’s Home”), and written by Anders and John Morris, with original songs by Oscar winners Benji Pasek and Justin Paul (”La La Land”).

Ahead of the film’s Apple TV+ release on Friday, the Globe caught up with longtime Massachusetts-based location manager Mark Fitzgerald, who’s worked on countless classic Boston films including “Good Will Hunting,” “Mystic River,” and “The Departed.” Fitzgerald, an Emerson grad and Framingham native, helped the Globe pop the hood open on “Spirited,” scene-by-scene.

“The whole thing was shot within 30 miles of Boston,” Fitzgerald said. “There were three ginormous locations on the movie where most of the scenes were shot.”

Read the full article on BostonGlobe.com.

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